About Dacia Plant

DACIA PLANT is among the first 5 Romanian manufacturers of dietary supplements. The recognition of the brand is due to a ten-year experience in the discovery and manufacturing of the most efficient natural remedies. Therapeutic efficiency is, for that matter, our major concern.

At the beginning of 2010, DACIA PLANT opened a new and modern facility in BOD commune (Braşov County). This was built according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations, used in the pharmaceutical industry. Out of respect for nature – which serves as a constant inspiration –, the new facility uses a lot of ‘green energy’.

Over 150 employees are currently working in this facility. Our team consists of specialists in medical sciences, pharmacy, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical production, and ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine).

DACIA PLANT products gained a well-deserved recognition due to the diversity and to the high therapeutic efficiency, as well as to the quality of the formulae used. We use over 200 plants studied from a medical perspective and carefully selected, and our products do not contain any pigments, preservatives, flavours, or artificial sweeteners.

DACIA PLANT portfolio includes over 250 safe, efficient, and 100% natural products, designed both for internal and for external use. DACIA PLANT products are grouped in several series: tablets, simple tinctures, remedies (tincture combinations), curative plants (simple teas), curative plant mixes (combined teas), powders, and gemoderivatives. The following are among the recognised trademarks of DACIA PLANT: Detoxicolon®, Brânca Ursului®, Glicemonorm®, Normocolesterol®, Reglator al tensiunii, Catinovit, Antigrip, etc.

Our products are distributed in over 3000 natural product stores and pharmacies in the country both directly – by our own distribution network – and by the great warehouses of parapharmaceuticals. DACIA PLANT products can also be found in Catena, HelpNet, Centrofarm, 2na, Belladona, and Ropharma pharmacies.

Besides our concern for the efficiency and purity of our products’ formulae, keeping our clients informed is another major concern. We conduct ample media campaigns and we take part in most congresses, symposiums, and conferences on medical topics, on a national, regional, or local level.